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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

WATCH OUT! Most content writing industry DO NOT offer any specific Money Back Guarantee. They tend to never keep their promise when it comes to refunding your money if you are not satisfied with the work done. At Skuppa, we always want you to feel confident and safe when placing your ORDER!

Our Refund Policy gives you the right to request and receive a refund at any stage of your order, should anything go wrong. We will quickly resolve all refund requests as per the given terms and conditions:

Unavailability of Writing Expert

This case is unlikely. However, if such a scenario ever occurs when a writing expert is unavailable to handle your order, and you have already paid for the order in full amount; you can order another article order of equivalent cost. In the meantime, the full amount you paid to us will be reimbursed.

Missed Deadlines

If your assigned writing expert fails to complete your order within your deadline, you can raise a refund query. The refund query will, however, be resolved subjective to a full inquiry done by our customer support team. We consider content writing as a collaborative process, therefore, if you are unable to respond promptly to our expert queries (12 hours of being posted on the customer portal interface) or if the lack of information provided by you occasioned the missed deadline, we won’t entertain any full or partial refund applications.

If upon investigation we find that the delay is occasioned by the incapacity of our writer, you can receive a 50% to 100% refund of your order. Deductions (if any) are levied as the writer who is handling your order has been paid fully in advance. We will take stern actions against the writer for occasioning the delays. However, the verdict of our customer support desk will be absolute in this regard and as per the rules of our Refund Policy.


Money Back Guarantee cannot be approved:

  • For orders with pending partial payments
  • If 60 days have passed since the article, blog or product description was received by the client

Cases Where Refund Requests Will Not Be Processed

  • No refund application will be approved if the deadline of your order is less than 24 hours.
  • We will not consider or process refund requests placed for orders with pending partial payments.
  • Our content writing services are similar to tutoring services, and thus no cash refund appeal will be allowed. The only exception to this is the case of duplicate payments.
  • We are only liable to resolve refund requests in a scenario where the client has been active in his/her communication with our writers and has provided sufficient requirements concerning the writing service ordered.
  • Refund requests are resolved only where an official request is launched through the client’s portal login. Any communication through email, social media platforms, or any other unofficial channel will not be considered formal communication.
  • As a content writing service platform (Skuppa), we are only liable to resolve your refund request when launched within 60 days of delivery of the order. The date on which the content is uploaded on the client portal dashboard will be deemed as the date of delivery.



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