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What is Skuppa content writing service?

We are a content writing service provider. We write, proofread and edit content as per your requirements. This ranges from website copy-  your landing pages, home pages, about us pages- ,  blog posts , SEO content writing, editing and proofreading services.

What niches do you write about?

 We offer writing services for a wide range of niches like health , fashion, beauty, travel. You can find our detailed list of services at ( insert link).Each project is unique and we write content with some of your help of course. So if you have any question regarding any project you need done, reach out to us at …….. and we will be happy to discuss our options.

 Who owns the content you write

  Once you have made all the payment, the work is handed to you and you own it. You are therefore free to do with it as you please. Only with your permission might we ask you to allow us to use your work as a sample in certain situations. However, in the case, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement; we will respect your wishes.

 Is your content plagiarism free?

Yes. We are committed professionals and we take our work seriously. We don’t copy and paste. We conduct thorough research and submit to you plagiarism free work.

 Is there a free trial period before I commit for a long-term working condition?

 No. what we offer is access to our written samples. From there you can see our work and decide whether you can commit to hiring us.

 I need revision on my work, how do I go about it.

Feel free to contact us at …….. and we will gladly do the revision at no extra cost to you, as long as the changes are in line with the initial requests for that particular job.

  What payment options do you accept.

 We have a variety of payment options………………………. Choose whichever works for you.

 How do I know I need your services?

 If you own a blog and need consistent content, if you run a social media page and need quality engaging posts, if you want search engine optimized content for your website, if you want copy for our business. We deliver all that to you.

If you feel that your project is unique and is not covered in the above list, please contact us at ……..and we will be happy to help.

 Do I pay before or after my order is completed?

We usually ask for a ……% upfront  to show commitment and the balance before we submit the work to you.

 How long does it take to have my work submitted to me?

Depending on the kind of project you want done, a typical 5 page SEO content  would take……..………..

 What is the cost to have my work proofread and edited?

 For proofreading services, we charge …….. per page. For Editing services, we charge ……….per page.

 Is the charge standard for all the services?

No. Writing attracts different charges and so does editing and proofreading . For a comprehensive list of  our services and their charges, check it out here………….

Do you have a specific question not addressed here? Feel free to contact us at………


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